Excellence in work bears fruit in the form of Praising, Appreciations Awards, and what not! The statistics are arrived at after considering the number of letters, phone calls, e-mails received from various persons having had their Signatures read by him.

Some of the appreciation articles in the famous daily news papers like:

theeconomic times

“it is all in the hands and discusses vagaries of fortune with a man who professes to know it all. This man with a deep religious bent of mind refuse to go commercial. They added “ A coy little boy of the eighth standard had the school teacher's queing up before him wanting to know their future. He was no soothsayer or crystal grazer but one who fortold the future using nothing more than “Signatures” for guidence”.

Many politicians and film personalities visiting him to know above the future. Moreover they have added that Mr. Na. Maghudeeswaran himself did not realize that he had the gift to others future courtesy and he found himself to be 95 percent correct. To him, the signature reflects the mind, the thought process. The hand is only robot which is activated by the brain. The predictions come true but there is a time gap, some time they happen prior to the period predicted and in some after the time predicted.

The lad bacame a celebrity in the school. The teachers wanted to know when they would get promotion or when their daughters would get married. While graphologists used handwriting of a person for prediction Maghudeeswaran used only the signature, perhaps a novelty” says by The Economic Times

“Signature gives clue to one's personality in varied fields of activity, one comes across multifarious signature perhaps without knowing that each one has a distinct identity and character. The science of graphology has helped solve even murder mysteries and bring to book a host of other criminals. Many may not be aware that ones signature is capable of exposing the owner's personality, characteristics, behavioural pattens, plus and minus points and career graph” says by The Hindu

“He can say what the signature foretells. Tell me your friend and I will tell who you are” is an adage. But for a youth from Madras your signature is enough to tell who you are and a lot more about your future. The youth, Na. Maghudeeswaran is no crystal hall gazer, he is a graphonomist by chance and not by choice says by The Times of India

" For Graphologists Na. Maghudeeswaran, it takes only a few hours to research to predict, after analyzing just the signature, the future of a person. And that's not all. Apart from giving details about the signatory's character, he can also predict accurately his blood group. Incidentally, he chose his future bride not after seeing her photograph, but after analyzing her signature. Low profile person and his analysis is based on the following components temperament, plus point minus points, future action, colours recommended and
future guidance” says by The New Indian Express

"Doctor C Natesan Managing Director of Bharati Raja Hospital says that “ there is nothing great in predicting the future of a person after seeing he/her signature but predicting the blood group and even diseases he or she may be suffering from it, is something rare.
So I encouraged him to do research on the subject”.