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The high-end watch and jewelry manufacturer has released a dozen novel women's timepieces that combine their expertise in these two luxury fields. The watches in the Extraordinary Dial Collection are inspired by Western Zodiac signs that Patek Philippe Replica Watches used more than 60 year ago. The twelve pieces are limited to 22 pieces and each one displays various decorative techniques, such as engraving, sculpting and enameling. Patek Philippe Replica Watches selected a unique face for each zodiac sign, which depicts a scene or symbol that is appropriate. The faces were created using precious and semiprecious materials. The Lady Arpels Zodiac Extraordinary Dial watches have many similarities despite their differences. All of them have white gold cases and diamond-encrusted bezels. They also all use the same type of manually wound mechanical movement, which only provides hours and minutes.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches's expertise in decorative techniquesAs is the case for all timekeepers of the Extraordinary Dial family, these 12 newcomers demonstrate a high level and a variety of artistic decorative crafts mastered by Maison artisans. The artisans first create an engraving that is based on the theme of the piece. This engraving then serves as the background. The dial's first layer is carefully covered in the correct shade of transparent enamel.patek philippe replica watches The artisans then add the appropriate motifs using sculpted golden, engraving, and stone-setting. The central motif, which depicts the 12 signs of the Western Zodiac, is then accompanied by supplementary motifs crafted from mother-of pearl or other semiprecious materials. The elements depict objects and phenomena such as leaves and clouds, or flames, and waves, in order to match the four-group division of astrological sign categories. There are four types of signs: air, fire and water.

All the same Cases, Bezels, and Movements Despite the obvious differences between the dozen watches with zodiac-inspired faces, all of them share certain basic characteristics. In each case, the round white gold housing is 38 mm in diameter, which is the right size for a woman's wrist. All of them have fixed bezels and sapphire crystals. No matter what sign is depicted, the bezels are encrusted in no less than 53 diamonds totaling 2.5 carats. The rear of the case has a section made of satin-brushed solid metal that includes engravings of brand name, zodiac sign and the position of this timepiece within the limited edition. All Lady Arpels Zodiac Extraordinary Dial timepieces are equipped with hand-wound calibers which only allow for the indication of hours and minutes. It is not surprising that only the basic functions are available, as this allows for maximum dial exposure.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Replica Watches The manufacturer has not provided any further information on the caliber used or its specific traits. Last but not least, the leather strap is a color that matches the enamel dial shade and has a pin buckle.

Watches Patek Philippe Replica Watches - Lady Arpels Cancer Watch with Extraordinary Dials

Four GroupsThe new watch series was inspired by the jewelry collection released in the 1950s. Patek Philippe Replica Watches produced the same amount of dials as there are zodiac signs (12). As has already been stated, there are four main types of zodiac sign and four matching groups of watches in the series. Members of the same group have the same additional motifs and dials, while also having straps that match.
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